21 juin 2024
Nouvelles destinations pour easyJet

Airbus A320 easyJet © easyJet

Recrutement pour easyJet basé Paris

With over 220 aircraft flying to over 700 routes to over 35 countries every day, we are the fourth largest airline in Europe, and the tenth largest in the world.

Airbus easyJet © easyJet
Airbus easyJet © easyJet

Cabin Crew – Paris Charles de Gaulle Fixed Term Contract 2016 (04054)

Cabin Crew -Lyon Fixed Term Contract 2016 (04065)

With over 220 aircraft flying to over 700 routes to over 35 countries every day, we are the fourth largest airline in Europe, and the tenth largest in the world. Our cabin crew, numbering over 5,100, are the always-ready-to-help generation, the ‘face’ of easyJet. With our continuous growth we are looking to expand our current friendly Cabin Crew team who share your enthusiasm and passion for delivering the best customer service there is.

As a team of four on-board, you’ll work together to deliver a quality service and look after the safety and security of passengers and colleagues, making sure that everything is done to our exacting standards.  Join us now and help add to the success of generation easyJet!


Key responsibilities

  • Welcome our customers on board and make them feel absolutely comfortable
  • Deliver services on each flight, including on-board food service and shopping
  • Keep the cabin clean and tidy throughout the flight
  • Help passengers with difficulties or issues
  • Support team members to ensure a speedy turn-around so that flights depart on time
  • Work as part of a team to achieve sales targets on each flight
  • Make sure all company policies and procedures are followed every day
  • Attend training and development to grow and develop and continue to be the best we can be

Role requirements

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Height 5’2” (158cm) to 6’3” (190cm) without shoes, with weight in proportion to height
  • Fit and able to pass a medical assessment
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written (if applying for one of our non-UK bases, you’llalso be fluent in the language of that particular country)
  • Able to swim 25m without any assistance, and tread water for at least a minute
  • Able to live and work in the UK without restriction
  • Must hold a European passport that allows you to travel freely to all our destinations withoutrestriction
  • Live within 90 minutes of your chosen base and be prepared to make this journey every day, at any time of the day
  • Confident in a customer-facing role, with previous experience of working with customers
  • Have no visible tattoos or body piercing that can’t be covered discreetly
  • Have a good standard of education and a verifiable five-year activity history

Things to think about before applying

Becoming a new cabin-crew member might involve a drastic lifestyle change, with many rewards but some challenges as well. Cabin crew often work long unsociable hours, including on weekends, especially during the busy summer months. They are rostered ‘standby’ and ‘airport standby’ duties, so may also be called to cover sickness, delays or extra flights. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to complete our ‘Try before you fly’ quiz to see if the role is really for you.

It’s essential that you have a valid email address and Internet connection so you can receive your monthly roster and associated changes electronically. To obtain an aircrew ID, you’ll also need to supply us with a valid Criminal Record Check (CRC) and be able to remember your last five years’ activity for references to be requested.

If you wish to apply for the Paris base please proceed to the weblink below : https://easyjet.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?job=04054&lang=en&sns_id=latestpilotjobs.com

If you wish to apply for the Lyon base please proceed to the weblink below : https://easyjet.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?job=04065&lang=en&sns_id=latestpilotjobs.com


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